Damon Lindelof On Libby, The Numbers, Mr Eko And More

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1) Lindelof confirmed that they approached Cynthia Watros several times to resolve Libby’s story and she said no
2) They had a FOUR season story arc for Eko and AAA said he did not want to live in Hawaii…

In this episode, our panel delves into the origins of Lost, the unresolved stories of Libby & Mr. Eko, the Lost alternate reality games, the future of Lost in syndication and DVD, the unexplained mysteries of the island and the upcoming simpulan season. Additionally, Lindelof explains the significance of the cursed numbers for the first time in public!

Please note that this is only the second half of our 17th episode. The first part of this episode will be released in its normal production order in just a few weeks!

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Getting Lost From Tv Guide

Featured here in the latest installment of TVGuide.com’s Getting Lost video series:

• I start off with a reminder about some Very good news (with a capital V).
• Leaping ahead in time a bit — as a Lostie is prone to do — I had Menang Ceme to wonder: Are the producers locked into what the series’ jawaban scene will be, when Lost signs off in May 2010? Carlton Cuse gives me an update.
• Who is the “they” Jacob warned Un-Locke about? I share your top two theories.
• Similarly, this week’s Burning Question tackles another case of uncertain identity

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Getting Lost

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In this installment of TVGuide.com’s Getting Lost video series, we plucked a few reader questions out of the Getting Lost mailbag.

The topics that are addressed:

• Did Matthew Fox and a young Malcolm David Kelley pre-film a scene during Season 1 to be used in the series finale?
• With Emilie de Ravin back as a series regular for the selesai season, will Claire be alive… or that special Lost kind of dead?
• Has a time slot — or at least a month — been set for Lost’s selesai season premiere?

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All The Lost Comic-Con Videos

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Ben auditioned for Hurley

The Memory Video

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LOST Comic Con Panel Video – Kate on Americas Most Wanted
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EW Comic-Con: Video Interviews with the Cast of Lost

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