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Cynthia in Ireland: I was so happy to hear about Charlie, Shannon and Claire returning to Lost next season, and then so bummed to find out that nothing except Claire is for sure yet. What’s the current status of various dead castmembers returning to Lost?
Even though Dominic Monaghan is said to be appearing on another ABC show next season, reportedly Flash Forward, we’re just paranoid enough to think it might be a double cross, and that D.M. might actually be heading back to Lost after (or in addition to) whatever else he does on the Alphabet Net. Why do we think this? Because very reliable sources now tell us that there is “mutual interest” (between the Lost PTB and Dominic Monaghan) in bringing about a season-six return visit by Charlie Pace. Look for official developments in the next week or two.

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Thanks to NoOne and Carry for the heads up. FYI: DarkUFO reader Carry is the one who asked the question!

I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Mitchell and can’t wait for her to go back to Lost. Do you know when V’s 13 episodes will finish shooting? Might Elizabeth be back only for the second half of Lost’s selesai season? — Carry
MATT: Mitchell’s V-Lost conflict is not one of just time but space, seeing as V shoots in Vancouver, 6 1/2 hours from Hawaii. That said, V starts production in early August, while Lost doesn’t start up again until the end of that month. And now that we know that Lost’s selesai season has been extended to be 18 hours, and there’s a slightly better chance that Juliet will spend some QT with her Romeo, Sawyer.

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Michael Emerson Talks About Season 6 And Jacob

Michael Emerson Talks About Season 6

Anyways do you have any more Lost scoop? –Erick

Ausiello: May’s series finale is going to be a real downer, predicts Michael Emerson. “I don’t think Lost will have a happy ending,” he confessed to us at the Saturn Awards. “It’s the end and I think we are going to start seeing more casualties. I would put money on major characters being killed. I believe it will be a sad ending to the show — or at least bittersweet. I think it will definitely be a series finale for grownups.” Emerson, meanwhile, is still trying to make sense of the season 5 finale. (Join the club!) “I killed Jacob… maybe… probably,” he hedged. “It isn’t like we haven’t seen plenty of other people be killed and somehow come back. And what does it mean if I did kill him? I Who the hell was he anyway? Obviously, Ben wanted a father. So much of our show is about bad fathers. It is one of our biggest themes. And Jacob disappointed in those simpulan moments. And maybe Jacob made it easy for him. Maybe that was all meant to happen. Is it all ordained? Maybe. And for that matter, can Jacob even be killed? Stay tuned is my response.”

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“What the hell’s going on with Lost? I don’t think they know. I think from week to week they go, ‘Let’s do this.’ And then someone else says, ‘No, this would be a good idea.’ I love that show, but I don’t think they know what they’re doing.” —Ellen DeGeneres

“I am flattered that Ellen is a fan of our show,” says exec producer Carlton Cuse, who promises Ellen there is a master plan, with some sweet payoffs, if she sticks through the selesai season. Dominic Monaghan recently had a secret breakfast meeting with producer Damon Lindelof to discuss how he might manage returning to Lost as Charlie. “We would like there to be some visitations from people we’ve loved over time,” Cuse says. Michael Emerson, who plays Ben, confirms, “The selesai season will resemble the first. I know there are plans for big people we have parted company with to reappear.” But one crucial component from the very first pilot episode will most likely be absent from the reunion: cocreator J.J. Abrams, who tells me he won’t be returning to Hawaii to direct the series finale. “I would selfishly love it,” he says, “but director Jack Bender has been living in Hawaii for years and doing amazing work. For me to come in and direct the finale would be cruel and unusual.”

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Curzon Q&A With Darlton And Jack Bender

Update: 6th July 21:40 Thanks to Ramsey for the following.

So my pal Matt and I attended the really fun – and a bit emotional Bandar Ceme at bits where they showed clips like the Oceanic survivors buliding and sailing off on a raft from Season 1 and Desmond finally getting thru to Penny in The Constant.

Anyhow – there was a signing after and all I had on me was a copy of ‘Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince’ that i’m trying to read before the movie comes out. Carlton & Damon said during the Q&A that JK Rowling’s brave announcement that they’ll only be 7 Harry Potter books inspired them to make LOST just 6 seasons long. They both signed by book and after a read what Damon wrote inside: ”Locke is VERY simular to Snape!” Shock! LOL

Update: 6th July Thanks to Deniz who as at the event for sending us his photos.

Hey All,
LOST writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse along with Director Jack Bender held a Q&A Session in Curzon. Lucky for us, several fans attended and were able to provide us with the details.

We were sent both the audio and a summary, so special thanks to Gob for the audio and my good friend and podcast partner Karen for the heads up about a summary from her friend Matt who was in attendance as well.

NOTE: Since the panel was in some auditorium, the folks in the audience asking questions were much louder than Darlton and Bender, so I tried my best to balance it out. So I hope you all can listen. In case you can’t listen or hear the audio too well, the summary is behind the button.

Plus, I have not had a chance to listen to the audio or read the whole summary yet, so I am posting this all here in the spoilers section just in case.


Curzon Q&A with Darlton and Jack Bender

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Latest On Potential Return Of Dead Losties In Season 6

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The exec producer of Ian Somerhalder’s new CW series, The Vampire Diaries, is close friends with Lost exec producer Damon Lindelof. So when he’s not sucking blood in the South, Ian may reappear on the island as Boone. While apartment hunting in Atlanta, where Diaries shoots, with his new on-screen vampire brother Paul Wesley, Ian tells me, “I’ve heard a little bit about what’s happening this season on Lost, and there’s definitely an avenue they’re going down to bring back a lot of us.”

Any crossover [with] Lost would “only help the success of our show…as long as it’s not screwing up production,” Ian says. So what if Boone, Shannon, Charlie and the rest of Lost’s “living dead” turn out to be vampires? “That would not be good,” says the actor, who currently lives around the corner from Maggie Grace (Shannon) in Venice Beach. “There are already enough vampires flying around the airwaves. If we can keep it at True Blood, Twilight and Vampire Diaries, the world will be better off!”

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V Filming Schedule – Elizabeth Mitchell Availability

Thanks to Carry for the following gosip on Elizabeth Mitchell and her filming on V. This could mean she could be available for Lost as early as 6.12.

The filming schedule in Vancouver for the series V just came out in the Canadian magazine Playback

Warner Bros. Television
• V. Series.
Aug. 12, 2009 – Jan. 14, 2010. Vancouver.

I know that your site is all about “Lost” but this tidbit could mean that Elizabeth Mithcell will be available to go back to Lost mid-january.

Getting Lost

Thanks to Rachel for the heads up.

In this installment of’s Getting Lost video series, we plucked a few reader questions out of the Getting Lost mailbag.

The topics that are addressed:

• Did Matthew Fox and a young Malcolm David Kelley pre-film a scene during Season 1 to be used in the series finale?
• With Emilie de Ravin back as a series regular for the selesai season, will Claire be alive… or that special Lost kind of dead?
• Has a time slot — or at least a month — been set for Lost’s selesai season premiere?

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Update: 20:00 Thanks to Kyle for the following

These are pics I took in Hawaii in mid-march right before the S5 finale was being filmed. I figued the stand was for the end of that season and was surprised to see it wasn’t used. It must be for S6 sometime- probably a flashback then. Anyways, the interesting thing about the stand was that the hole underneath it where the bomb must have been lowered was covered with a cap in the shape of a dharma logo! How did dharma get a hold of it? I’ve attached some pics.

Your Q&A with Titus Welliver made me even more impatient for Lost’s return (as if that were possible). Got any other scoop on the akibat season? — Meg
MATT: It depends on what you make of the following: editor Adam Bryant just returned from a trip to Hawaii, and during a tour of Lost filming locations, the wooden structure from which Jughead originally dangled was still erect on Oahu. Keeping in mind that Lost is meticulous about putting away their toys after they are done being used, I ask: Why is a set piece from the 1954 storyline still camera-ready? (ABC had no comment.)

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