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These are pics I took in Hawaii in mid-march right before the S5 finale was being filmed. I figued the stand was for the end of that season and was surprised to see it wasn’t used. It must be for S6 sometime- probably a flashback then. Anyways, the interesting thing about the stand was that the hole underneath it where the bomb must have been lowered was covered with a cap in the shape of a dharma logo! How did dharma get a hold of it? I’ve attached some pics.

Your Q&A with Titus Welliver made me even more impatient for Lost’s return (as if that were possible). Got any other scoop on the akibat season? — Meg
MATT: It depends on what you make of the following: editor Adam Bryant just returned from a trip to Hawaii, and during a tour of Lost filming locations, the wooden structure from which Jughead originally dangled was still erect on Oahu. Keeping in mind that Lost is meticulous about putting away their toys after they are done being used, I ask: Why is a set piece from the 1954 storyline still camera-ready? (ABC had no comment.)

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