Curzon Q&A With Darlton And Jack Bender

Update: 6th July 21:40 Thanks to Ramsey for the following.

So my pal Matt and I attended the really fun – and a bit emotional Bandar Ceme at bits where they showed clips like the Oceanic survivors buliding and sailing off on a raft from Season 1 and Desmond finally getting thru to Penny in The Constant.

Anyhow – there was a signing after and all I had on me was a copy of ‘Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince’ that i’m trying to read before the movie comes out. Carlton & Damon said during the Q&A that JK Rowling’s brave announcement that they’ll only be 7 Harry Potter books inspired them to make LOST just 6 seasons long. They both signed by book and after a read what Damon wrote inside: ”Locke is VERY simular to Snape!” Shock! LOL

Update: 6th July Thanks to Deniz who as at the event for sending us his photos.

Hey All,
LOST writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse along with Director Jack Bender held a Q&A Session in Curzon. Lucky for us, several fans attended and were able to provide us with the details.

We were sent both the audio and a summary, so special thanks to Gob for the audio and my good friend and podcast partner Karen for the heads up about a summary from her friend Matt who was in attendance as well.

NOTE: Since the panel was in some auditorium, the folks in the audience asking questions were much louder than Darlton and Bender, so I tried my best to balance it out. So I hope you all can listen. In case you can’t listen or hear the audio too well, the summary is behind the button.

Plus, I have not had a chance to listen to the audio or read the whole summary yet, so I am posting this all here in the spoilers section just in case.


Curzon Q&A with Darlton and Jack Bender

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